Nature takes root at Formland Spring 2019

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Natural shades and materials, recycling and originality - all these will be in full bloom at Formland Spring when design duo STUDIE FLYHYLSTED pays tribute to nature, inviting visitors inside the trend zone 'A Kind of Nature',.

The Danish interior and design fair Formland kickstarts the year by digging down to the roots, to the near and the authentic. 'A Kind of Nature' is the name of this spring's trend zone, which will use its 275 m2 of space to highlight nature as our eternal and inexhaustible source of inspiration, and our base for peace and harmony in a complex and insecure world. Here visitors will be able to go on a journey of discovery in a world where natural surfaces and textures interplay with still life from the exhibitors' products, offering hours of inspiration.

Interior designer Mille Fly and photographer Sofie Helsted are the duo behind the trend zone. At the previous Formland fair in August, they endowed us with the concept of 'freaky craziness' under the name 'House of Freakebana', a staged explosion of colour. This time their focus takes a 180-degree turn.

"Nature is the focal point of our existence and therefore has a natural focus. We seek natural materials and handmade products that give us a sense of originality and authenticity. We seek products with a personal look and a story that hits us," explains Mille Fly.

Nature's trends in colours and materials

'A Kind of Nature' is rooted in the 70s and 80s, when natural materials such as sisal, cork and hessian were dominant. The trend zone provides a natural boost of inspiration and presence at a time when consumers have an ever-increasing demand for sustainability, choice of materials and applications. In this sense, the trend zone aims to provide consumers with an updated version of a time when there was greater focus on peace, harmony and authenticity, as opposed to climate crisis, digitisation and 'fake news'.

Experience 'A Kind of Nature' in Hall D at Formland Spring, from 31 January-3 February in MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark. 

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