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J111 by Poul M. Volther.

In cooperation with Kvist Industries A/S, we relaunched an old classic dining chair by Poul M. Volther (1923 - 2001) one of the last century's greatest Danish designers,

About the Designer

First trained as a cabinetmaker, Volther studied furniture design at the Arts and Crafts School in Copenhagen. A believer in Functionalism, he avoided short-lived aesthetic trends, concentrating on the simple crafting of fine materials. As a teacher at Denmark's Design School, he encouraged hundreds of students to aim for high quality craftsmanship. With the support of designer Hans Wegner, he was employed from 1949 by the cooperative FDB, working in their the design studio under the leadership of Børge Mogensen. Mogensen left FDB in 1959, leaving Volther in charge. He went on to design a series of Windsor chairs, rather simpler in style than Mogensen's own. He also designed a wide variety of armchairs and sofas which can still be seen in homes throughout Denmark.

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