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With the special needs of architects and interior designers in mind, Decoflame has created a unique, high-quality made-to-measure range of built-in bioethanol fires.

A wide variety of layouts, features and finishes offers creative freedom when adding a warm and stunning focal point to traditional and modern housing. Without the need for a chimney, flue or bearing wall, application possibilities for Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces are countless.
Whether choosing the beautifully crafted manual Decoflame burner or the elaborate e-Ribbon Fire™ technology as the ‘source of flame’, their characteristic seamlessly wide flame display is guaranteed to wow any viewer.

Decoflame Premium line is all about co-creation between the brand and the customer and the possibilities are countless.

The most advanced automatic bioethanol burner
Denver e-Ribbon Fire™ is a fully automatic burner with CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning). The fireplace, exclusively produced by Decoflame, is customizable in terms of dimensions, layouts and finish and can be used for numerous applications - as a drop-down burner as well as, can be integrated into casings. Offering a maximum of creative freedom and in addition to the classic linear form, Denver e-Ribbon Fire™ can be sculptured in various shapes e.g. along an in- or outside corner, in a U-bend or like an elegantly meandering wavy curve.

Bioethanol fireplaces do not produce ash nor smoke and no chimney is required for the installation. The burner incorporates a safety chamber, an LCD touch display, numerous safety features, 1-5 & eco-wave flame levels. This model can be controlled via Bluetooth/Decoflame App, remote control and throughout a Smart Home System.  Additionally, when installed under a TV, the fireplace can feature a TV temperature sensor that regulates the heat output. As an additional source of heat, Denver e-Ribbon Fire™ is manufactured using premium quality 8mm powder-coated aluminum.

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