Can a shelving unit be used as a sliding door?

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Yes, it can! Are you challenged on the interior layout of your home? 'Rima Fino' might be your solution.

We present the innovative sliding unit 'Rima Fino' from raumplus®. 'Rima Fino' combines the mobility of a sliding door with the storage capacity of a piece of furniture. 'Rima Fino' brings a breath of fresh air into room, hall, and closet design.

Thanks to a material thickness of just 12mm, a modifiable back wall, and the wide range of accessories, the slim-line mobile shelving system is flexible in a variety of ways. It can be used as a sliding room divider fitted either with a complete back wall or with cut outs to make it more transparent.

As a mobile second layer in front of a hall or bedroom closet, 'Rima Fino' offers even more options. The range of accessories includes clothes hooks and the back wall can be fitted with a mirror. 

Credit: raumplus®

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