Induflex nominated for The Academic Award 2017

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The Academic Award is a business award aimed at honoring a company that, with the employment of academics, has shown that academics and other professional groups are not each other's competitors, but prerequisites for increasing growth.

It was with both pride and surprise that we received the email that we have been nominated for The Academic Award 2017.

Induflex has employed both anthropologist Sisse S. (cand.scient.ant) and digital marketing manager Pernille W. (cand.it) to scale and create growth in the company's newly established innovation and development department Innoflex; innoflex.dk.

The award goes to a company whose history of the use of academic labor can inspire future growth - a company that has dared to break down with both norms and thinking.

This year, the criteria for evaluation are:
  • Opening of new job markets for academics.
  • Growth and market potential.
  • Innovation.
  • Green and sustainable.
  • Work environment.
The winner company is appointed by the Academics Insurance main board, and the prize is awarded at a prize-giving ceremony where all nominees are invited. Previous years, the prize has been awarded to Ribe Jernindustri and Hi-Con in Hjallerup.

There are semifinals in June 2017 - and the prize is awarded in November 2017.


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