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GALLERY: Onecollection presents a different view of iconic Finn Juhl designs

Onecollection’s showroom is located on the ground floor in a historic building in the heart of Copenhagen, occupied by creatives and design-companies on every floor. Tapping into the creative surroundings, the design company now presents four very familiar Finn Juhl classics - in a new, inspiring light.

The four selected Finn Juhl designs have all gained attention in different ways over time - and today they continue to excite. 

Finn Juhl introduced these specific designs between the late 40’s and the mid 60’s and today Onecollection's portfolio of re-launched Finn Juhl furniture counts more than 40 pieces with the France Chair as the latest addition.

Chieftain Chair, 1949 re-launched in 2002

The Chieftain Chair might be the clearest example of Finn Juhl’s fascination with modern art, foreign cultures and organic shapes. The thin wooden pieces on the back bend like a hook symbolizing a bow while the upholstered leatherback is a representation of a shield.

The chair was designed for the Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in 1949, which King Frederik IX visited. During the exhibition the King sat in the chair, which led journalists to nickname it “King Chair”, but Finn Juhl insisted that the chair should be called the Chieftain Chair as it was less pretentious.

Tray Table, 1965 re-launched in 2001
At first glance the low Tray Table from Finn Juhl might not stand out in the eye catching way like some of Finn Juhl’s other iconic designs, but this table is not just another minimalistic table – in contrary, it is both surprising and rich in details.

The thin massive wooden frame curves towards the center on two of the sides, making one able to grasp and lift the tray without the need for handles. Also the table’s style can quickly be changed by simply turning the tray around to reveal another color.

The wooden frame is available in teak or walnut with a tray in either high gloss laminate, walnut or teak veneer. The laminate version always has one white side while the other side is either black, light blue or light green.

Reading Chair, 1953 re-launched in 2015
In 1953 Finn Juhl designed a small elegant dining chair that is known as the Reading Chair. It got its name because of the horizontal frame that completes the back of the chair and invites to unconventional and subtle use.

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The Reading Chair is very comfortable and allows for many different seating positions – a design characteristic that is typical Finn Juhl. You can even sit backwards on the chair and rest the arms on the frame. Finn Juhl once said: ”Chairs are like beds - they are made to move in. That is why chairs which only allow for one position are wrong”.

France Chair, 1958 re-launched in 2016
Similar to the Chieftain Chair and the Reading Chair, the France Chair also carries some of Finn Juhl’s most visible design characteristics. Though the chair was designed for industrial production Finn Juhl managed to maintain and incorporate unique details and shapes.

The seat and the back are separated and lifted from the frame making them seem almost floating, while the organic inspiration clearly shows in the curvy and rounded armrest.

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The France Chair was originally produced by France & Søn who is now known as one of the pioneering companies behind the Danish furniture export success through the 50’s.

Danish design became trendsetting in Germany, the UK and not least in the USA, where the term Danish Modern became internationally known. In the middle of the 1950's France & Søn manufactured 60% of the total Danish furniture export.

Onecollection re-launched the France Chair in Milan at this year’s fair Salone del Mobile in April.
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