Shuffl your sofa

Inspired by the world of music, where the combination of different rhythms constitutes an aesthetic and harmonious expression, came Shuffl

New Shuffl, from danish designer Anne Boysen, is a modular sofa with a focus on design, craftsmanship and rhythm.

- In private I often work from my bed, where I draw, research and sit with my computer. Therefore, I have long wanted to create a sofa that could meet my needs for flexibility, storage and comfort. Therefore, this couch is the obvious furniture for work, university or library, says designer Anne Boysen.

Shuffl is a modular sofa with unlimited applications. The design is asymmetric with a fresh and dynamic twist.

When the sofa is composed of several modules, it appears as an asymmetric landscape with plant containers that can both serve as a table as well as a room divider. In the table there is also a hidden storage compartment where you can store folders, papers, etc.

Both socket, plant boxes and tables are made of oak. The back of the sofa can also have different heights. A particularly nice touch is the sharp fold that sets the tone for the sofa's expression, while stressing Erik Jorgensen's expertise in upholstery.

- I wanted the couch to show a high level of craftsmanship, so I spent a long time on the details. Among them the fold was very important for me, as it sets the whole tone of the sofa. The fold is vertical and emphasizes the rhythm of the sofa with the tight lines. It creates cohesion, says Boysen.

The system can be combined in countless ways, making it possible to accommodate many different functions and requirements for the design of public spaces. The system's modules differentiate by 22 cm, making the system flexible to adapt different environments.
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