Traceable leather from field to couch

Bolia.com has experienced massive growth in 2016 - and with intensified growth follows an even greater responsibility

Bolia.com unveils an even more environmentally friendly production of leather.Introducing the new traceable leather, Quattro Traceable, Bolia.com hopes to live up to the growing responsibilities of a major player on the market.

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Bolia.com actively considers how the environment and the people surrounding them are affected by company activities. Therefore the company always works toward improvement and exploring new ways of doing things. The latest result of this effort is a new experience of leather, namely the Quattro Traceable.

Quality and good conscience
Quality has always been one of the main missions of Bolia - quality in the broadest sense. The concept of quality is not limited to long life, beautiful designs, solid craftsmanship and excellent materials - it also includes the direct environmental impact during the production phase.

Bolia hopes to produce furniture of the best materials with minimal environmental impact.

- If we want to take environmental issues seriously, it's about improving all stages of production, and that is exactly what we can with our new Quattro Traceble leather. It is essential to us that we can guarantee the quality all the way through our food chain. From manufacturer to consumer, Bolia writes on their webpage.

Traceability from manufacturer to customer
Bolia's new Quattro-leather must be 100% traceable, to document the leather's travel from producer to consumer.

Quattro Traceable leather is produced exclusively in Italy. This means that all cattle are bred and tanned in Italy. There are several reasons for this. First, it minimizes transport, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, all European standards are met, and  animal welfare is in order. Quattro Traceable is produced without the use of chrome.

- We believe that consumption must make sense - both morally and financially. Therefore, as a Bolia.com customer, you will still experience a soft and supple semi-aniline leather, only with an added unique quality, the company writes.

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