Wegner is celebrated with unique Wishbone Chair

To honour Hans J. Wegner’s birthday, Carl Hansen & Son is presenting the first-ever elm version of his Wishbone Chair, available in a limited, signed edition only on April 27, 2017

Collectors and design connoisseurs will have the opportunity to acquire a unique edition of Hans J. Wegner’s elegant Wishbone Chair when Carl Hansen & Son offers the coveted design in oil-treated elm and natural paper cord.

This is the first time the Wishbone Chair has been crafted using this strong, beautiful wood type. The chair, which will be available for purchase on April 27, will come engraved with the designer’s signature and with a certificate of authenticity.

A new chatpter
On the occasion of Hans J. Wegner’s 103rd birthday, Carl Hansen & Son is adding yet another chapter to the Wishbone Chair story. The chair, which has been manufactured using a variety of wood types, surface treatments and colours since its introduction in 1950, is being launched for the first time in elm. With its graphic, expressive design, the Wishbone Chair – perhaps more than any other – demonstrates Wegner’s innovative prowess and unique understanding of wood’s potential.

Elm was a common forest wood in Denmark for thousands of years, and has traditionally been used for furniture and other household items requiring a strong wood type. Like beech, oak and ash, this tough wood can be steam bent.

But with elm no longer prevalent in Denmark or, more widely, in Europe, Carl Hansen & Son has chosen to use elm from North American forests for this special birthday edition of the Wishbone Chair. The North American wood variety has a very distinctive structure with visible grain and vivid colour interplay.

- Today, this wood variety, sometimes reminiscent of oak, is used less often for furniture. This makes the chair unique – and certain to attract the interest of collectors and Wegner connoisseurs.

- Carl Hansen & Son has paid tribute to the master chair designer on previous occasions through special editions of his iconic works. As the world’s largest manufacturer of Wegner furniture, it is only natural for us to celebrate his birthday,” says Carl Hansen & Son CEO Knud Erik Hansen.

A celebratory, engraved edition
The limited-edition Wishbone Chair celebrating Hans J. Wegner’s birthday – he would have turned 103 this April – will be available to design enthusiasts for one day only on Thursday, April 27.

The chair is made of oil-treated elm with a natural, woven paper cord seat. All chairs sold on April 27 will come engraved with Hans J. Wegner’s signature and date of birth. The engraving is made on the wood’s surface with a laser, reproducing the signature with a high degree of detail, in keeping with Wegner’s high craftsmanship standards. The engraving will be discreetly located on the interior side of the chair’s frame.

Wegner designed the Wishbone Chair, known for its distinctive wishbone-shaped backrest, in 1949, and production began the following year. The chair is Carl Hansen & Son’s best-selling design and has been in continuous production since 1950. It is the result of a visionary, intense collaboration between Wegner and the skilled cabinetmakers who originally participated in the demanding development work.

Almost 70 years after the Wishbone Chair came into existence, it still imposes high expectations on Carl Hansen & Son’s skilled craftsmen, who must handle and assemble the chair’s 14 parts and hand-weave a seat made from 120 meters of paper cord before the finished chair can leave the factory.

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