Velour in the home

Adding "hygge" and creating soft acoustics to any Nordic home, velour is back in a big way

Danish "hygge" is world famous. That's why it's not surprising that the Danes have fallen in love with velour - also for curtains. The fabric is not only delightful to touch, it also has a number of advantages, as many have discovered.

Bo Pihl from Moogio says that more and more people choose the soft fabric for curtains, because it is pleasant in the home and contributes to a good acoustics.

For many years, soft velvet curtains were out of fashion. Now they are in big time, a great style in any trendy modern residence. Velour has also moved into the home as a fabric for furniture and pillows.

- Large windows, high ceilings and white walls call for materials that improve both style and sound. Therefore, velour is very suitable for curtains when you have chosen a minimalistic interior design, as many have. The soft, fat texture contributes to a structure and sensuality, which is a shortcoming in many modern homes. It also helps with better acoustics in the home, says Bo Pihl, Marketing Manager at Moogio.

From ceiling to floor
And the velour curtains may go from ceiling to floor - even if the windows do not go up to the ceiling. Velour makes large, soft folds, which is a decoration in itself.

- We have had a number of years where curtains had to be simple, light and bright. Now, more and more people want the heavy curtains back, and monochrome dark tones in blue, brown and gray are popular. Many are not scared to put more color on the curtains. We need contrasts in our interior design, if not we just get white on white without edge, says Bo Pihl.

Hotel you don't want to leave
The velour curtains contribute to a lounge atmosphere, which many would like in their homes. Style-wise, the living room or bedroom looks reminiscent of a really good hotel. The kind of stay you prefer not to go home from - soft bedspreads, thick mattresses, lots of pillows, and crisp bedspreads or plaids.

- We are world famous for our ability to create "hygge" and cozy environment. Curtains and furniture contribute to our perception of what is cozy, says Bo Pihl.

Good sound
Bo Pihl is sure that the acoustics also play a part in getting us to choose velour curtains.

- Many modern homes have poor acoustics due to wood or tiled floors and high ceilings. Soft fabrics are needed to absorb the sound and make it cozy to be at home. Here, the velour curtains really contribute to a significant improvement in acoustics.

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Velour in the home

Adding "hygge" and creating soft acoustics to any Nordic home, velour is back in a big way

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