New design brand unites tradition and innovation

Frantz Longhi, the architect and businessman behind design companies such as Paustian and historic Kähler, is launching new design brand Warm Nordic, based on his passion for iconic design classics, created with love for quality and craftsmanship.

Warm Nordic offers a cornucopia of beautiful designs. From selected furniture classics and lamps, which have long been available among collectors at expensive foreign auctions, to new designs created in the Warm Nordic spirit.

The new brand embraces Scandinavia's beauty, understanding of materials and crafts tradition. More than 100 pieces of furniture, lamps and accessories in the Warm Nordic collection will be unveiled for the press on March 22, 2018. On the same day, the webshop opens directly to customers.

In the future, you can also meet Warm Nordic in specially selected places in the physical world. Paustian, the internationally renowned furniture and design house, is by Easter 2018 the first physical store with a great exhibition of the new design collection.

Visitors to the Stockholm Fair in February can also get a little sneak peek on selected design from Warm Nordic.

From personal passion to online design brand
Frantz Longhi has passionately collected iconic Scandinavian design, and furnished Kähler restaurants with his own auction finds from the 50s and 60s. More guests have inquired about the classic chairs that were no longer in production.

And then an idea began to take shape within Frantz Longhi, who appealed to the creators' descendants. With the founding of Warm Nordic, he now wishes to make quality design available to more people, so that we all get more choices from earlier Nordic classic design.

- When others noticed the beauty and quality, I could not bear the idea that iconic chairs by Hans Olsen and Knud Færch or lamps by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen would only live their lives on international auctions. Now they and a lot of other classics are brought back to life with Warm Nordic, together with new beautiful designs. They can once again be distributed to a Danish and international audience of design lovers, which the international auctions have not always been able to satisfy, says Frantz Longhi.

In close dialogue with the families behind the classic designs, Warm Nordic today carries out the design heritage of icons such as Arne Hovmand-Olsen and Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen in addition to Hans Olsen and Knud Færch. Several other names from the golden era of Scandinavian interior will be presented in the future and revitalized in a modern context, side by side with today's designers that also embrace the Nordic soul and craft tradition.

Warm Nordic is design history, quality and personality
Warm Nordic is an ambitious online brand, rooted in the Nordic design history and with a timeless aesthetic.

- Warm Nordic celebrates the great Scandinavian furniture architects and designers who currently appear at international auctions, but in the 50's and 60's they created the most beautiful furniture and lamps in exquisite quality. We lift the classic design into the present in the company of new curated designs and refine the quality, the warm atmosphere of colors and shapes, which express the Nordic design heritage, says Frantz Longhi.

- Basically, Warm Nordic is anchored in the Nordic design history, which, contrary to what many think, is not "Cool" but actually very warm. Warm Nordic is a response to several years of interpretation of the nerve in the Nordic design as cold design. Sure it can be somewhat cold outside - at times. But inside we have warmth and "hygge". Danish "hygge" is so unique that it has become known all over the world. We want to give the audience new, beautiful choices among classic Scandinavian design, says Frantz Longhi.

- And we want to combine these icons with the best of today's designers, he concludes.

The result of years of intense work with the new design brand is a colorful and welcoming universe. Furniture, lamps and accessories are full of personality and capture the Nordic soul, which in essence is both timeless, inclusive and warm.

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