Holmris.Designbrokers is among the strongest and broadest providers of furniture and interior design solutions for the professional market.

We design and furnish large and small office environments with the aim of creating more effective and more satisfied employees. We meet the customers’ complex challenges with simple interior design solutions, and we always look for the optimal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

For people to be able to perform and work together optimally, it is a prerequisite that the physical framework in which they are located is both contemporary and well thought-out. Our design experts can give you the answer to how a modern office environment should be designed to impart most value to your company. Read more

People learn differently. That is why we always base the design of teaching environments on the people who are to function and perform in the solutions we create in collaboration with them.
Holmris.Designbrokers is one of the most experienced companies in Denmark in the field of interior design of schools, universities and other educational institutions. Our focus is always on forming the design solution that creates the best learning framework – whether it be for adults, young people or children. Read more

Holmris.Designbrokers creates safe and warm environments at institutions, care centres and hospitals. When we develop interior design solutions for the care sector, the challenge is often to give these public institutions the degree of homeliness and comfort that the users deserve and that makes them feel at ease.

We have worked for decades with the Danish care and health sector, and, even if we cannot create a home, we try together to create the optimal conditions for occupants, citizens, patients and relatives to feel at home in friendly rooms and surroundings.
Users of our solutions will often find themselves in vulnerable situations and/or life events, and we are aware of our responsibilities when working so close to their private sphere. This requires special competences, awareness and a sharp eye for the details of designing environments for these situations. We are proud of continually being chosen as a partner in this area.Read more

We use the term ‘hospitality’ to refer to hotels and restaurants – service professions where friendliness and courtesy mean a lot. In the context of hotels, we often talk about a feeling of ‘Home away from home’ as being a success criterion and an indicator for all our ideas.

We always try to create the right surroundings for people who are on the move, and we try to stimulate as many of their senses as possible during a visit. Our solutions should be instrumental in creating the total experience that embeds itself and encourages loyal, returning hotel guests, thus benefiting our hospitality customers. Read more

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