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RadiatorDesign was established in February, 2002, based upon a deep knowledge and experience with European radiator production. Denmark has a proud tradition of radiator production, which may have caused us to ignore the wealth of possibilities outside of Denmark. RadiatorDesign would like to change this picture! We deliver the best solutions to our customers, regardless of where the product is manufactured.

Creative Thinking
RadiatorDesign provides solutions that complement the architect’s requirements. All our projects start with a piece of blank paper. This method ensures that architects, engineers and designers can continue the creative process and are not constrained by a predefined catalog.

The Product itself is not interesting, the Optimal Solution is!
RadiatorDesign is NOT about selling radiators; we are about finding the optimal solution for our customers. We recommend the best solutions from exhaustive knowledge and experience with radiator production and installation. Even if we can’t deliver certain products, we don’t hesitate to recommend them. We only suggest products that result in a solution of the utmost quality, with the best prices available.

Special Solutions are our Standard!
For more than 10 years, RadiatorDesign has developed and delivered a varietyof cutomized heating solutions. Throug the development of these, the solutions has become “standard” solutions in our world. This means that even complex challenges are competitive in price. RadiatorDesign’s ability to transform the flexibility of solutions for efficient production, makes us an attractive partner in interaction with contemporary architecture.

On our website you will find many reference projects which can inspire and we have provided a good overview of our product range. But do not be limited by what you see! Do you have a challenge, please contact us, we’ll take the challenge! RadiatorDesign will allways deliver our best guidance. It’s our experience that the earlier a specialist is involved in the design process, the better the outcome.

RadiatorDesign is, in spite of more than 10 years in the business, still a young and largely informal business. We are a small group and we do our best every day in a honest and straightforward dialogue with our customers. Like all, we are not perfect, but we try as best we can. We have delighted noted that we are invited into the projects again and again of customers we have worked with earlier. Greater recognition we do not need!

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RadiatorDesign ApS
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