Vesterby Træteknik

Since Vesterby Træteknik was established in 1963, we have focused on many different areas of the wood industry. Most recently we have launched our own furniture production, where the line VesterbyDesignMøbler was started.

Vesterby Træteknik is a modern and social-minded company with up-to-date production facilities and focus on quality in every step. Each table is sampled and tested, before it is packed. On our website, there are two product films, which show how we sample both our tables and chairs, before they are shipped.

Our furniture is designed and produced in Tistrup, Denmark. We create furniture for dining, both dining tables and chairs, and coffee tables. All in a clean Nordic design with a light expression, and all with a laminate surface, which is very easy to clean. We pay attention to our customers, our employees and our suppliers, and each year we donate a larger amount to the organization “Families with children suffering from cancer”

Facts about Vesterby Træteknik

Vesterby Træteknik
Thorsvej 12-14
6862 Tistrup
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Varde Kommune

Phone: +45 75291099

VAT Number: DK12371330

P Number: 1000376359

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Elsebeth Pedersen

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