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We deal with many different kinds of carpentry, both domestically and abroad, for the kitchen and furniture industry, for industrial use, exhibitions/interiors/clothing companies, design/architecture and much more.
The wood is usually processed, assembled, mounted, lacquered, packed, stored and distributed to the customer.

Kitchen and Furniture - furniture, tabletops and doors
For many years, carpentry for kitchens and furniture has constituted a large part of the production at Fleksi A/S, which means that we have a great deal of experience and expertise in this area. Our expertise within the kitchen and furniture industry dates all the way back to 1986, when the company was founded. Special doors for the kitchen/furniture industry have been part of our production at Fleksi A/S for many years. We manufacture doors for several different companies, but also as special products for unique projects.

We manufacture doors using hard wood or panel material, according to the customer’s specifications. At Fleksi A/S, our experience within the kitchen and furniture industry means that we also understand good craftsmanship. That is why we never compromise on quality and precision, as these factors are essential in making sure that the components fit perfectly in the finished product.

Carpentry for the kitchen and furniture industry is carried out with perfect craftsmanship and in accordance with the designer’s/customer’s drawings and specifications. However, we never keep our opinion to ourselves if we see the opportunity to contribute to a better result for our customers.

In recent years, Fleksi A/S has been the supplier to exclusive Danish bookshelf and door manufacturers. Carpentry can include anything from table legs, doors, finger-jointed tabletops and specially-built furniture concepts to radiator covers made of quality materials on modern CNC machines.

Exhibitions/interiors/clothing companies

The majority of the carpentry at Fleksi A/S is based on specialised tasks. Therefore, we are an interesting subcontractor for companies that, for example, use exhibition stands since we can accommodate specialised projects at Fleksi A/S on short notice and without obligations.

That is why Fleksi A/S performs a wide range of many varied projects, e.g. library boxes, front panels for exclusive speakers, catwalks, signs, dividing walls for stands, slits and ramps. Our production is incredibly adaptable, and the projects are carried out with the same level of professionalism whether they are large or small. As a subcontractor, we offer many options within carpentry when it comes to specialised tasks.

As a subcontractor, we offer our assistance with anything from drawing, processing, sanding, lacquering, assembling, mounting, storing and distribution to the customer. Fleksi A/S acts as a partner for the customer, both regarding production and development, and we consider it a virtue to be involved and to give the customer the best professional interaction. As a subcontractor, our greatest strength is flexibility, quality and efficiency. In our cooperation with our customers, we therefore always try to achieve the best possible result. If the project requires contact with other partners, we are very careful to choose companies with the same high quality.

A large part of the carpentry process at Fleksi A&S is carried out using the company’s modern CNC machines, which ensure a stable and quick work process with an excellently crafted result that will delight the customer.

Fleksi A/S has many years’ experience with CNC wood processing and manufactures many different kinds of products on the machines. CNC machines allow for precise work, and the machines are very adaptable. This quality and precision is important to our customers within design and architecture, which is why we are continuously working on improving our expertise in these areas. Our machines allow us, as subcontractors, to carry out many precision design tasks with many different forms and shapes.

Our cooperation with designers/architects is often based on a specific product, but we also offer help with the design/product sketches. As subcontractors, apart from the carpentry, we also offer our services for sanding and lacquering of the completed designs. Similarly, we use our great expertise to help/guide our customers in the best possible direction. We offer assistance for implementing designs and architecture in all kinds of wood, according to our customer’s needs.

Common to all the projects is the company’s quality requirements and focus on precision and flexibility, as well as on punctual delivery.

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