Netiquette – Guide to good behaviour on the portal

This portal is a serious and popular media, which has hign number of users on a daily basis with interest in the Danish design industry. In order to sustain the seriousness and the reader-friendly appearance of the portal, it is necessary that you as a user know the portal’s etiquette when you are e.g. submitting news or looking for a new supplier.

1. Submit to the right forum
Consider which forum that is most suitable for your advertisement. Spare capacity and available jobs do not belong in “news from the members”, likewise product news do not belong on e.g. Machines or Competencies. If your company has subscribed to more than one portal and you would like to submit advertisements across the portals, you need to consider which portals you submit to, in order to submit to portals where the advertisement is relevant.

2. Write briefly and accurately
Have the reader in mind, when you are writing. Make sure that he/she quickly finds the important information of your news. It is tiring to read long articles on the computer, thus consider how your news can be brief and accurate.

3. Consider your headline
Make sure that the headline and résumé highlight what the news is about. It is the headline that must catch the reader’s attention. With regards to submitting competencies you should always indicate the type of production that is available in the headline. Likewise on Machines and Products the headline should indicate the type of machine/product you would like to sell or buy.

4. Spelling and use of special characters
Check your news an extra time for misspellings and typing error, as they will make the news hard to read and in extreme cases change the meaning of the text. Avoid excessive use of special characters such as exclamation marks and full stops. Avoid writing the headline or larger parts of the text in capital letters.
5. News – only once a day
In order to avoid that the newsletter is “flooded” by news from the same companies, it is only allowed to submit one insertion per day at this forum. Additionally, news should only be submitted once.

6. Use only your own news
Do not submit news that your company has from other media unless you have an agreement with the journalist to use the article. It is the journalist and the specific media who have the rights to the article.

7. Write only about your own company
Do not submit news about other companies or people. The different forums are made for you to brand your company. Also avoid comparison of products and machines.

8. Re-insertions.
Use re-insertions moderately. Wait at least 3 weeks to submit advertisements again in order not to annoy the readers and the other users of the portal.

9. Good comment behavior
Keep a good tone in your comments, avoid personal attacks and posts of marketing character. Apply only link on your comment if it is relevant to the debate. Be aware that the debates are moderated by the portal's editorial team.

If the above netiquette is not followed, Nordiske Medier reserves the right to make changes or delete the material.

If you have any questions to the above you are more than welcome to contact Hanne Marie Lou:

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