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About Nordic Design News
Nordic Design News is your one-and-only source to Nordic design as a business, a life style, and a source of inspiration.
We unfold the narratives of Nordic design for all international design audiences to experience the aesthetics, the innovation, and the future aspirations of Nordic design.
Our focus is on design for businesses, as a dynamic force inspiring thinking in new fields, and when its novelty reaches the level of shareability.
At Nordic Design News international audiences can meet the designers, keep track of Nordic creativity, and keep an eye on the many different contributors on the Nordic design scene.

About Nordiske Medier
Nordiske Medier is one of Scandinavia's largest companies within industry news. The company covers Nordic business community with constructive, credible and independent news.
We work with the goal, to always being close to the industries.

There are 210 employees based in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and a total turnover of over 200 million DKK. We represent more than 22 medias and industry networks, that in Denmark currently includes:

Licitationen – Byggeriets dagblad, Jern & Maskinindustrien, Mester Tidende, Motor-magasinet, Transportmagasinet, Magasinet Pleje, Building Supply, Metal Supply, Food Supply, Wood Supply, Electronic Supply, Energy Supply, idag.dk and RetailNews

We are 90 journalists and editors across our many industries. Our daily editors take care of the continuous news flow and ensures that we are up to date on all news on our online media. And journalists from print media and analysis group in depth including industry analysis, special topics, follow-up of selected cases, portraits etc. Constantly focusing on giving readers the depth industry knowledge, one can not find in the general news flow. Unlike many other, Nordiske Medier writes on both large and small companies - as well as political, cultural and social conditions that are important for business. Our professional journalists working to deliver well-written, interesting and factual articles so that they can provide content of high professional quality to readers who are themselves professional experts in the industries they are employed in.

In 2012 the company became part of Nordjyske Media Group and reap the natural benefits of this, while it has the same independent profile as before.

In 2014, the danish website Industribasen and Danish Fagmedier became part of the family. Industribasen is an online auction and marketplace for buyers and sellers in the industry. Danish Fagmediers print media are some of the oldest and most well-established business journals with more than 150,000 monthly readers, who gain knowledge in the construction sector, the auto industry, transportation industry, care, manufacturing, construction and artisan industry.

In December 2016, the company Mentor Communication - and its 23 magazines - became part of Nordiske Medier.

Every day we now publishes daily newsletters to more than 450,000 recipients.

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