Target your advertising on Nordic Design News. We offer priceworthy and effective marketing aimed at your particular audience. You can advertise on the website, in the weekly newsletter and on our mobile site.

The following prices and campaigns require membership. A membership costs 950 EUR per year. Read more about the membership. The price for non-members is double.

Advertising on the website

Our site is responsive and banners adapt to the screen they are displayed on. Please note that the banners to the mobile site is readable on the different screens.

Prices for members per month

1. Top bannerArticle page1.275 EUR
Front page + all other pages1.275 EUR
2. Corner bannerArticle page650 EUR
Front page + all other pages650 EUR
3. Side bannerArticle page200 EUR
Front page + all other pages200 EUR
4. Title bannerArticle page1.325 EUR
5. Campaign banner no.1Front page1.025 EUR
Article page780 EUR
One of the other pages390 EUR
6. Campaign banner no.2Front page825 EUR
Article page630 EUR
One of the other pages325 EUR
7. Giga bannerFront page1.275 EUR
8. Giga bannerFront page825 EUR


Advertising in the newsletter

Specifications - download

Prices for members per week.

Top advert275 EUR
Mid advert220 EUR
Bottom advert140 EUR


The above prices are for members. The price for non-members is twofold.
We prepare the announcement free when ordering min. 5 ads in the newsletter or min. 2 month banner on the website. Otherwise the price is 75 EUR per. ad.

Ready material has to be delivered within 2 working days prior to publishing.
If you want help to draft the announcement, our graphic artist will contact you and discuss the next steps.

Brochure - Download brochure in danish

Contact us by phone 0045 7228 6970 and learn more about the many profiling opportunities.

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