Instructions for appeal

On this page you can get help and advice if you want to point out an error or complaint about an article or photograph placed on one of the Nordic Media's industry portals.

How can you complain?
You can always go directly to the editors , if you find that we have brought the wrong information. At the top of each article is the name of the journalist who wrote the article. Is your inquiry about the errors of a less serious nature, you can write directly to the journalist. Do you want to complain about more serious issues, you can contact our editorial team.

How do we fix a mistake
Corrections will appear directly from the individual history. If Nordic Media relayed their baseless claims, misunderstandings or information that is harmful, we regret these. It happens the same place.

How can you take your complaint further?
If Nordic Media rejects your complaint, you may refer it to the Press Complaints Commission, an independent public boards, established by Media Liability Act . To complain to the Press Council, you must have a so-called legal interest in the case. Complaints to the Press Council should be sent to sekr@pressenaevnet.dk or by letter to the Press Council , Adelgade 11-13 , 1304 Copenhagen K.

How long is the processing time?
Nordic Media must receive your complaint as quickly as possible - and no later than four weeks ( 28 days) after the information has been published. If we reject your complaint, you may refer it to the Press Council . It must also take place within four weeks after you received the rejection of the complaint from Nordic Media.

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